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Happy Belated Everything 2018

Happy Belated Everything!

Well hello there! Hope you’re enjoying 2018 so far especially since we all know what a godawful year 2017 was. Can I really have been the only person who felt it was one huge crap-fest year which left me in a perpetual state of What The F?! I doubt it. You can therefore imagine how the coming of 2018 was a highly-anticipated, fanfare-inducing event, during which…no person fell asleep prematurely almost missing the very event they waxed lyrical about for months (but that’s neither here nor there, and yes, I’m just going to gloss over the whole ‘haven’t posted anything in six months thing’ but I refer you back to my ‘crap-fest year which left me in a perpetual state of What The F?!’ statement made previously).

But anyway, I am so far revelling in the New Year Positivity and have consciously left as much of the previous year’s BS as possible in the past where it belongs and I’m not going to dwell on it…too much…at least after this post because I’m going to contradict myself immediately and dwell on 2017, it’s BS plus a few other things I’ve learned (and wish I hadn’t learned) in the past 12 months. I know. It’s about a week late but it’s ok. Lessons learned in life don’t really expire do they?

  1. We need to stop being comfortable with being uncomfortable: A lot of things happened last year that made me examine my life. I realised there are things (health, finances, flaky friendships and other things) I’ve been unhappy with for years, but haven’t made the effort to change because I didn’t want to deal with the discomfort that came with change – even though the discomfort would be temporary. It felt better to stick with the familiar and be unhappy, or hope and pray that somehow things would change by themselves. That’s just not going to happen is it?
  2. Failure isn’t everything: It means you tried. And you won’t look back in years to come and beat yourself up wondering what would or could have happened if you tried. And hey, you can always destroy evidence of failed attempts!
  3. It’s okay to not do anything sometimes: We’ve been programmed to believe that every second of our lives must be productive. You can’t just commute on your commute to work, you should work, send emails, network (even during lunch breaks or holidays when we’re not supposed to be working), otherwise you’re a lazy S.O.B’…and your life simply can’t be fulfilling. Total BS. Relax, take some time out and just be free for a few moments.
  4. Don’t wait until New Year to make a resolution: If you want to lose a few pounds and it’s September, start losing those pounds in September, if you want to eat healthier, exercise more, find a new job, drink less, whatever day of the year it is…that’s the time to start.
  5. Stop comparing your life to others: Their lives may look glossy and shiny and perfect, but that doesn’t mean they are. Especially lives lived through social media where people have to present the best version of themselves at all times. The perfection is masking the crappiness underneath.
  6. There is 0% point in worrying about things beyond your control: The mind really does feel freer when you understand this and let go. It’s hard as heck. But totally worth it.
  7. Be thankful for everything you have: We spend too much time thinking about things we want, being sad that we can’t afford to have the things other people have, and we don’t spend much time being grateful for what we actually do have e.g. somewhere safe to sleep (even if it’s not luxuriously decorated), the job you have (even if you hate it with passion), the friends and family in your life (even if they P you off sometimes), maybe because we never feel like we have enough, maybe because we’re told we need to have more…but that constant craving for more can leave you feeling hollow inside.
  8. Listen to your body: It’s very good at communicating to you when it needs something, and when something isn’t quite right. If your body wants sleep, then sleep. If you’re thirsty drink water – it’s amazing the number of people who ignore basic needs until things build up and deteriorate so badly they end up in hospital or worse.
  9. Be open to trying new things! It’s fantastic! You never know what you can discover and fall in love with just by trying something new. Try new food, try a new hobby, try visiting a new place – challenge yourself you might find a new awesome (legal!) addiction.
  10. Let go of dumb sh*t: Someone accidentally bump into you? Let it go. Someone call you a name? Let it go. Missed your bus? Let it go. Ask yourself if this is something you’ll care about in a year or two. If not, then it’s really not that serious!

Anyway, I hope the hangover monster has well and truly forgotten your existence, your resolutions are being nicely followed through, and you have a BS free 2018. Have a very Happy Belated New Year.

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