Hello & Welcome!

If you’re looking for hard news, ground-breaking reportage or, in-depth investigative journalism, know this: You are in the wrong place.

I cannot stress that enough.

This is not the blog for you, and I strongly suggest you leave. Leave now (but thank you for visiting, and good luck with all your future internetting endeavours).

At Irks & Quirks You’ll find:

  • Irks-y, often quirky reading peppered with large quantities of sarcasm, healthy doses of pissiness, and arbitrary usage of punctua,tion
  • A love of list posts – because more often than not I think in list form
  • Language which may occasionally offend the sensitivities of younger readers, the elderly, or anybody
  • Words which may or may not appear in your particular version of any dictionary
  • Excessive, and often unnecessary declarations of love for caffeine.

If you’re okay with that, stay a while, look around and happy reading,

Stay quirky.

30-something Londoner who exclusively writes under the influence of caffeine. This blog is about the things I’d love to prattle on about but don’t always get a chance to in real life.

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