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Sarcasm Reloading…

Oh, hey there….hi, um…*slowly waves* it’s been a while since I checked in huh? Ummm….so…
Ok then.

Just a quick note, my lack of activity wasn’t (exclusively) due to flakiness.

I promise.

It’s just that, as you probably know, there are moments…sometimes, just sometimes…when life is a next-level special type of bitch. I guess it’s my fault, I got too comfortable …and life being the way life is inclined to be reacted appropriately and brutally beat my ass. Some things had to be put on hold while I dealt with situations that seemed inspired by some ridiculously cheesy, overly-dramatic TV drama, and after deciding I was done dropping to my knees at random times and screaming “whhhhhhhhhhhyy?!” at the top of my lungs, and having mini (but still pretty damn epic) breakdowns in café’s/supermarkets/public transport, I’ve decided to perform a factory reset on myself and get the hell on with whatever it is.

So yeah…

If you’re still there…um.…how’ve you been?

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