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What’s your NaNo Magic Number…?

I wrote every damn day and didn’t. Even. Procrastinate. Once…
…Okay, fine. I’m lying, and I know you know. And that is why I like you, you’re willing to entertain me and engage my lie. Oh, you’re not?
Okay. That’s Cool…

*Cries shamefully and hysterically*

Here’s what happened. The first week I didn’t write anything. I wrote a title down…and that was three words long, and then there was nothing until about day 9. When I edited the title for an hour before deciding it was fine the way it was. Then around day 12 I started writing and wrote obsessively (that’s my pattern. Do nothing at first and then go H-A-M). I didn’t obsess over my word count or anything! The problem was…and I know it kind of contradicts one of the reasons I gave for why people should take part in NaNoWriMo earlier this month… I couldn’t resist revising, and editing, and questioning everything I typed as soon as I typed it…and it’s a problem I know…and I am working on it and…and…and…fine, explain to me exactly how I’m supposed to progress with my writing if I don’t spend at least an hour questioning if that place is the right place for that particular word or punctuation mark because Maybe…just maybe…the full stop doesn’t need to go at the end of. The sentence

*Apologises profusely. As it turns out…English grammar is actually fine the way it is, and doesn’t need my help.*

Then I think of all the synonyms and phrases associated with a particular word…and whether it’d be OK to use at the beginning of the chapter, or if it’d be better elsewhere, so I end up drawing up a list of all the pros and cons of a single word…as you do…and if the chapter starts with a character or a character doing something – e.g. Jenny sat on the wet park bench – I’m questioning if this name suits the character. Would Sarah, or Liz fit better? Does the character hate me for naming her Jenny and having her sit on a wet park bench? It’s not a nice thing to do to someone is it? Would it be more interesting if Jenny/Sarah/Letitia was riding a horse or skydiving at the beginning? I know! I’ll call her Penny, and she’ll be bungee jumping at the beginning of the chapter, even though the story takes place in the park on a rainy day and I’ll have to somehow get Marion back to that nasty wet park bench in Regents Park after she’s finished scuba diving in Barbados (I don’t even know if you can scuba there, so…I google that for a while), and before I know it I’ve spent 3 hours (as a bare minimum), deliberating over some inane detail…and then I’m just too tired to type anymore…so I stop for a 5 minute coffee break which somehow turns into an hour-long hike, and dinner at a friend’s house, and then it’s time for bed, and I promise myself I’ll do better tomorrow…

…and then I realise I’ve forgotten the original point of this post (but welcome to life inside my head).
Oh, right.
Word count.
I was one word short.
ONE. S*****F*****-M****** WORD. SHORT.
*Sighs epicly* Although technically…technically if I didn’t edit it, it probably would have been about 8000 words over…

So…how’d you guys do?

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