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When life gives you lemons…

Well heeeello there my dear reader! And how have you been keeping yourself these wonderful few months? Hopefully the answer is extremely freaking fantastic! Now, if there’s any chance you noticed (and I like to think you did because who doesn’t like to feel special?), there hasn’t been a blog post in a little while, (and if you didn’t notice, well…that is just hurtful, and I just…can’t…with you right now…(queue unnecessarily dramatic guilt-inducing sobs as I re-evaluate our “relationship”)…

So, what the damn hell happened? Well, both the long and short of it is that life personally delivered me an epic ass whopping and failed to include any returns, refunds or exchanges info in the package.  So, I’ve been dealing with that unwanted gift while trying to stay sane (think, needing to find a new apartment, possibly needing alternative employment if the new place is too far from my current job, and dealing with a very physical stress-induced illness which my doctor says he can’t really treat since its psychosomatic… so (and I quote the doc here) ‘just try to relax, keep your stress levels low and you’ll be fine’). Um, m’kay.

…in summary: Bad Times.

Now, you know how it goes when life gifts you with lemons: you can either hide under your duvet, cry-eat Pringles and lose days wondering why life didn’t just pick any of the hundreds of items on your Wish List…or, you can hide under your duvet, cry-eat Pringles for a short time, and then adult the feck up…and squeeze those lemons in life’s damn eyes until life gets the message and sorts its sh*t out.

So, yeah. It’s been interesting few months for me, but I guess as long as I still have a pulse (and Pringles), things will eventually work out…

…in summary: (soon to be) Good Times!

Anyway, now that the bulk of the craziness is over, I remembered I have a damn blog I’d like to get back to. So, if you’ve stuck around…thank you muchly…and I will see you next week 😊

P.S. Next week: You know you love food when…

See you then!

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