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10 random things about me…

Um, ok. I am not very good at these types of posts, (and, also, I’m kind of hoping no one will notice that I’ve been just a smidge…uninspired about what to post this time around…so…we’re just going to calmly move on…). You know what it’s like when someone asks you to say something about yourself, and your mind just goes completely blank as if you haven’t been you your whole life and know yourself better than anybody else? That’s what this feels like. And so it is that before I’ve even started typing thing number one I’m at a loss. I’m just going to let my fingers do the work and hope for the best.

  • I get unnecessarily irritated when people sit next to me on a near empty bus. Seriously, what is your deal anyway? Isn’t it just simple Bus Etiquette (or is it a London Transport Thing?) to not sit/breathe next to (or immediately in front of…or behind of…or to the left or right of) another human on public transport unless the other seats are taken? It’s practically The Law.
  • I have an addiction to buying journals. I don’t really buy clothes, or shoes, I barely buy food…but journals. Drawers full of them. It’s becoming a problem really. I’m running out of living space. But Paperchase just won’t quit, so what exactly am I supposed to do? Just…not buy the journals? Pshaw.
  • I live for cold weather. You know when it’s cold and wet and rainy outside and people are complaining because their limbs are starting to turn just a little bit blue? That’s when I’m the happiest. I melt in sunshine. Well…you might call it sweat, but sweating / melting…really what’s the difference?
  • I’m That Annoying Person in front of you with a weird and long coffee order in a café. I am also Not. Sorry. I have coffee needs and standards which must be strictly adhered at all times for the good of everyone. It’s a public service I think you’ll find.
    You are all welcome.
  • I wish I could wake up one morning and just…beNeil Gaiman. To clarify, I mean in story writing/telling ability, not that I want to physically…become…I mean…I definitely could have formed that sentence better which just proves my point. (I want to be Neil Gaiman with Morgan Freeman’s voice-over skills. Tell me that the audiobook wouldn’t be epic!).
  • I have a compulsive need to obsessively make ‘to do’, and ‘goals’ lists which are immediately ignored in favour of impulsiveness and spontaneity. It’s a never ending vicious cycle. And it is satisfyingly infuriating.
  • My star sign is Aries…assuming that means anything to anyone.
  • Just gonna put it out there. I hate…like hate chocolate flavoured things. Not chocolate. Just chocolate flavoured Chocolate cakes, chocolate drinks, chocolate ice cream, I just don’t get why people choose to torture themselves with them. Suck it. I’d rather rub chilli in my eyes.
  • Speaking of chilli in the eyes…have you ever accidentally (and I hope it is accidentally otherwise you are just a very…special…type of person) rubbed chilli in your eyes? I have, and it hurts like hell.
  • On the subject of hell, that’s where I believe cheesecake Make of that what you will, but you will never convince me it was not a dessert created by Satan himself. I simply refuse to be a part of that mess.

And there it is. 10 random things you didn’t know about me, but now you do and of course your life is instantly better for it huh?


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