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Wait…is this Tide Pod Challenge thing real?

Like really? Is it actually a real thing? Are people actually doing it? Because in this moment, I am kind of confused. I’ve read a few things along the lines of:

People are eating Tide Pods…and the makers of Tide Pods have had to issue a warning telling people not to eat Tide Pods…because they are dangerous to ingest.

If you don’t know what a Tide Pod is…it’s the soap you put in your washing machine along with your dirty clothes to get them clean.  That’s right. It’s laundry detergent. And allegedly people are choosing to put it into their bodies instead of into their washing machines.  And not teeny little toddler people you can excuse for not knowing any better. Grown-ass people who without doubt should absolutely know better. Although in the interest of fairness – I understand that they aren’t all eating them…some of them are just putting the pods into their mouths, biting them and then spitting the detergent out. Which is obviously much better.

My understanding (and somebody please correct me if I’m wrong), is that this started out as a meme a few years back with people joking about eating the detergent pods when there was genuine concern because toddlers and some elderly people (with Alzheimer’s) eating them thinking they were sweets…then the whole kid eating detergent thing was satirised by The Onion in 2015 (So help me God, I’m going to eat one of those multicolored detergent pods), and has after all these years managed to resurface with some people taking it seriously, eating the detergent, and challenging others to do so.

Here’s what I hope: It’s still just meme, people realise it’s not meant to be taken seriously and no one is actually stupid enough to eat something so obviously not designed for human consumption. Here’s what I understand: humans seem to be getting stupider by the minute (seriously, is it just me being sour?). Here’s why it bugs me: for every person who pretends to do something potentially dangerous, there’s another who will take it that one step further and actually end up hurting themselves, hurting someone else and wasting the time of emergency service personnel when they could be dealing with life-threatening, non-self-induced injuries. Here’s why it shouldn’t bother us: it’s…Kind of…when you really think about it…Natural Selection at work. Weed out the eejits and leave only those with a basic sense of self-preservation and common sense (was that a little bit harsh? Sorry, not sorry).

So…I guess the takeaway is, in order to avoid potentially serious injuries, and you know, death, don’t eat detergent (unless it’s all much ado about nothing in which case, still don’t eat detergent, mmkay?).

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