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First Post/New Blog Syndrome…

And then I realised if I was going to have a blog I needed to do some actual writing for it, otherwise I’d just be a weird person who stood behind people screaming “read my damn blog” with a toothy grin while they typed my blog name into their search engines and got nothing but an error page (or one of those generic “blog not ready /damn you for breaking the internet” signs), and that’d just make people think I’m a little nutty. And I’m…just……nope.

I don’t mean nope I’m not nutty.

I mean nope not a little nutty, because of……it was just a little thing and, anyway I don’t think we should talk about it.

Thanks to New Blog Syndrome, I can’t think a damn about what the very first post should be and that’s why it’s this. Apologies. This blog is about things and stuff. I know, your head is reeling from the specificity of it all, so to add to that, here’s a couple of things you should know:

  1. I speak fluent sarcasm and apparently this comes across in my writing (a big thank you to everyone who helped me practice).
  2. …um…sometimes I write in long winded sentences and go off on unnecessary tangents. If this is acceptable to you fabulous! Stay a while and enjoy the peculiar ramblings…if not…don’t look around, you’ll just get upset…

And…that’s pretty much it.  I’m glad this is out of the way. I hate first posts/introductions – it’s like when someone says “tell me about yourself” and your mind goes blank like you haven’t been you your whole life, and they’ve just asked you to explain the meaning of life.

“Who are you?” …
“….I just…I just don’t know!!”. S/he screamed and proceeded to scream hysterically for hours.

…..I’ll probably update this later when I think of something better to write.

Any questions, comments or et cetera (anyone? Hello?), please feel free to contact me. Links on the contact page.

Have a great day!



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