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When the Physiotherapist is…right.

I tried running
Epic fail. Epic, epic…Fail.
That activity will permanently be reserved for:

  1. Emergency situations (and, if I run again – there will be an emergency situation), and
  2. Therapy.

I tried a group class but was put off by the instructor’s exuberance. I refuse to believe that people can be that excited about squats. ‘C’moooon drop it like it’s hooooot!’ she screamed as I barely managed to lower it like its tepid, dying twice in the process. Swimming? Not going to happen. Spinning classes? Hahahahaha. Zumba, aerobics…watching the Green Lantern movie, all just unnecessary torture. Look, all I’m saying is, I want this body:

espn mag serena will



For this much effort:






While continuing to eat these:


But, after praying for years to the God of Healthy and Hot bodies, I have had to accept that if indeed I do want to change my physique, be ache and pain free, and live a healthier lifestyle, I’m going to have to put the doughnuts down, get up off my damn ass, forget about the abomination that was Catwoman (you misread, Green Lantern was never mentioned anywhere), and do something about it. I accepted it, but was still too damn lazy to do something about it. But about three months ago it happened, and it happened by accident. I have hypermobility (thank you Marfan Syndrome) – which means my joints have a much bigger range of motion than they should and it hurts. I avoided working out because my body hurt, and the pain intensified after a workout. For decades I lived with this pain, and I was referred to a physiotherapist who strongly suggested that I could benefit massively in the long-term from exercising more. See, working out through the aches and pain, could eventually get rid of, (or at least) greatly reduce the aches and pain.

Oh I hated her. Hated. But my hate seemed to spur her on. The following session she made me an exercise plan based heavily around Pilates to build my strength up slowly. The idea being after about 3 months (it’s been a month) I’d be able to increase the intensity of the exercises, and work out for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. I was outraged. How dare a health professional have the nerve to tell me I could feel better by doing things that to increase my health and fitness…and then have the balls to suggest I could maybe even learn to love it?! Pshaw to that.

I did it though. Initially out of spite (cos that’ll teach her to advise me on ways to take the pain away). But it kind of backfired…she was…riiii…righ…t. right.

She was right. It hit me after I realised I climbed two flights of stairs without the usual knee pain (is this what normal feels like? So, so very disturbing), and now I’m a little more motivated to push through the hurt, I’m still waiting on this endorphin rush she told me about. And I’m dreading my next physio session. I bet I’m going to get an “I told you so” look, and that’s more torturous than forcing someone to watch Ghost Rider.

Anyway, to sum up (cos I doubt this post made much sense). Exercise? Good. The Daredevil Movie? Very Bad. Any questions? No? Great.

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